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          Our Products

          Instant access to cloud services for only $ 1

          Experience affordable cloud services.


          For users in East Asia


          For users in Europe


          For users in the East US

          Los Angeles

          For users in the West US

          Deploy Globally

          10+ Worldwide Locations, 2800+ CDN Nodes, Defense Capability up to 5000+GB QPS

          • 2800+

            CDN Nodes

          • 130TB/S

            CDN Bandwidth

          • 10+

            Worldwide Locations

          • 5000+GB QPS

            Attack Defense Capability

          United States

          United States



          Hong Kong




          Powerful Console

          Yisu Cloud Console makes server management simple and intuitive.

          One-Click Deploy
          As soon as you purchase, the Yisu cloud orchestration takes over and spins up your instance in your desired data center.
          Server Health Track
          Our server monitoring graphs provide insight determining when peak activity happens on your application,from the moment your server is created.
          Convenient Settings Management
          Additional configurations are offered to help meet your needs. Simple, intuitive management panels will be found inside of the control panel.

          Infinite Possibilities

          Choose from a range of Operating Systems and Applications to start your website in seconds.

          Secure and Reliable

          24/7/365 world-class technical support and over 99.99999% data reliability as well as over 99.95% business reliability.


          Data Reliability


          Business Reliability


          world-class technical support

          Leading Price-performance

          Cut your cloud infrastructure bills without sacrificing performance.


          Optimized 2vCPU, 4GB RAM, 50GB Storage in Los Angeles

          Get Started In Yisu Cloud